Professional Experience

Profile: Geoffrey Owen

Current Role: College Student, Business Administrator, Small Business Owner, and Aspiring TAM


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Updated: 07.11.2019

Resume, Cover Letter, and Supporting Documents for Microsoft Technical Account Manager 

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Industry Certifications


B.S. Information Technology

Program Information

Start date: September 1st, 2018. 

Expected graduation date: August 2022 or earlier.  

This program incorporates several industry-recognized certifications:  

-CompTIA A+ (complete)

-CompTIA Project+  (in-progress)

-ITIL®1 Foundation Certification (start date: 09/01/2019)

-CompTIA Cloud Essentials (start date: 09/01/2019)

-CompTIA Network+  

-CompTIA Security+  

-CompTIA IT Operations Specialist 

-CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist 

-CIW Site Development Associate  

-CIW Advanced HTML5 and CSS3  

-CIW User Interface Designer  

-LPI Linux Essentials  

What's Next?

A portfolio of current and future projects is available for potential employers or business partners to review.

Next Project Start: August 1.

Type: Python Project; Automating the small things so you can focus on what really matters.

Updated: 06/24/2019

Type: GitHub

Career History


Right now I'm the owner of GowenPlaces, however, I want to work for Microsoft as a TAM

Location: Seattle or Redmond, WA

Technical Account Manager or  (?)

(?) August 2019 - (?)

 A role that focuses on business value creation, capture and realization (strategic, business focused), skills and abilities that help me understand business goals and objectives and how IT can be an enabler in helping customers achieve those goals. 

 Success = Relationships X Situation X Process X Embeddedness X Value 

 •  Business  acumen – ability to truly understand a customer’s business and how they  can leverage IT to enable and enhance that business and move it forward 


 •  Ability to build relationships at many levels and work with people across the organization (not just IT) 

 •  Understanding of Cloud, what it means in terms of business and how it can benefit customers 

Microsoft TAM - What's it all about?

Click here to review a top level overview of the TAM role at Microsoft.

Atos North America provides digital solutions, services and expertise to many of the...

ATOs USA, Seattle, Washington

IT Support Specialist II

August 20, 2018 - April 28, 2019

The IT Support Specialist - Mobile is responsible for providing high quality customer service and technical support to all IT users for their mobile technology. This position requires the delivery of support up to a Tier 2 level to users both in person as well as on the phone, and through other appropriate technologies as needed. This role is responsible for providing both client support and vendor oversight for the foundations mobile device program including but not limited to billing, inventory, procurement and documentation.  


• Provide excellent customer service, via phone and in person, concerning all aspects of technology provided by the IT department, escalating as needed. 

• Record all customer contacts, questions, and problems in the ticketing system including impact and priority. 

• Record problem symptoms and status information in a timely fashion, and communicate internally within the IT department and externally with the customer and vendor partners through resolution 

• Conduct problem determination using documented procedures and available tools. 

• Initiate escalation as appropriate to ensure management awareness of problems that are severe in nature or that are exceeding documented targets 

• Provide oversight to external service providers to ensure the needs of foundation staff are being met within targeted SLA’s. 

• Resolve trouble tickets as escalated by Tier 1 support 

• Provide status to customers of assigned tickets 

• Manage the lifecycle of mobile phone hardware and accessories including ordering, deployment, recovery, RMA and disposal. 

• Provide technical project support as necessary 

• Adhere to and assist in the development of Information Technology policies and procedures 

• Other tasks and duties as assigned 

• Some after hours or on call work


• Has a commitment to our work and cares about others 

• Communicates honestly and transparently; is respectful and appreciative of the contributions of others and identifies opportunities for personal growth. 

• Demonstrates intellectual quickness, curiosity and discipline; thinks critically, challenges assumptions and makes learning a component of every activity. Is excited about the prospect of change and able to easily adapt and recover from setbacks. 

• Strong team player and ability to engage in multiple tasks


Directly - Crowd-Powered AI Platform

Location: Remote - Profile:

Independent Advisor and Expert

October 2017 - Present

Experts working with Directly, can apply previously gained experience and knowledge to help End-Users solve issues in a real-time chat and message channel whilst being rewarded for their efforts. 

This is a come-and-go based program where Experts can answer questions based on their own experience and availability. An Expert with Directly can assist the End-User till resolution, another Expert can chime in to resolve, or the question can be forwarded to the supported organization's internal resources.

To date, over 300 questions have been answered with a 100% satisfaction rating for assigned Field(s) of Expertise:

• Microsoft Community 

• Microsoft Excel 

• Microsoft OneDrive 

• Microsoft 

• Microsoft Office


SkyKick Inc, Seattle, Washington

Migration Product Specialist and Technical Account Manager and - Sales, Operations, and Support

November 2017 - June 2018

The SkyKick Support Team uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in addition to other technologies, to help Microsoft MSPs, CSPs, Resellers, and other Business Partners use and standardize on the SkyKick platform to migrate customers to Office 365 and back up their data in the Office 365 cloud.

Manage & pro-actively support SMB & Enterprise migration projects (controlled via Microsoft Dynamics CRM).

Demo/Sale Office 365 and email migration products to clients (Microsoft Partner Network). 

Onboard partners into the SkyKick migration platform, perform end-to-end training and engagement activities. 

Troubleshoot SaaS applications, Office 365 DNS entries, email connectivity, and data & email migration fidelity. 

Cohesively work with team members to share tasks and responsibilities to optimize the results of migration projects. 

• Responsible for 'white glove’ technical support for partner accounts to ensure long-term business relationships. 

Provide industry leading email and phone support to clients (MS Partners) on related email migration project issues. 

• Assist with drafting and updating platform documentation and knowledgebase articles via Zendesk

Educate clients (MS Partners) on best practices for the use of active directory, SSO, and MFA in migration projects. 

Collaborate with the engineering department in the development of new features and functionality as well as the escalation of support issues.


Blueprint Consulting Services LLC, Bellevue, Washington

Microsoft Support Engineer – Office 365 Data Protection CRM Team Lead

October 2016 - August 2017

Managed a team of five direct-reports. Co-led a department of 28 customer relationship managers (CRM).

Diligently trained, coached, and developed CRMs, focusing on individual growth through improving Office 365 technical knowledge, Microsoft product sales assessment & deployment techniques, and security guidelines.

• Launched a Quality Assurance (QA) Program increasing awareness of development opportunities for the leadership team to improve CRM performance. This led to an 8.7% increase of client-deliverable Net Satisfaction (NSAT) rising from 160 to the score of 182.39 (out of 200). Prior to deployment, the NSAT score was consistently less than 160.

• Transferred knowledge by running weekly soft-skills and Virtual Knowledge Base review meetings, helping the team increase the ticket closure rate by 15% (approx. 3400 to 4000 per month), and lowering time-to-resolve by 10%.

• Championed customer service and security by developing and implementing an expedited security process allowing over 50,000+ Enterprise customers access to their 24,000+ accounts, saving an average of >1 hour per customer.

• Reduced customer-initiated manager escalation emails from 50 to 2 contacts per month by creating and adding a new Leadership Team distribution list to the department’s signatures. Streamlined how customers contact the leadership team, allowing and ensuring “White Glove” 24/7 support & saving $5,000/month in operational costs.

• Organized and consolidated commonly used knowledge articles with “tribal knowledge” and created a MS OneNote package. Upon distribution, all CRMs had access to best practices, articles, and critical contact lists. As a result, the team continually met time-to-resolve SLAs set by the client, with an average TTR of <24 hours per ticket.

• Facilitated the creation of a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan for a 24/7 high-volume, high-touch support environment, resulting in less than 1% support downtime for this team per year.

• Eliminated risk and costs associated to 3rd party vendor support, by co-planning and implementing a re-deployment of a Microsoft full-time-employee (FTE) team, replacing a vendor team. Training completed on-site for 3 weeks in Costa Rica in July 2017.

Blueprint Consulting Services LLC, Bellevue, Washington

Microsoft Support Engineer – Office 365 Data Protection Customer Relationship Manager           

January 2016 - October 2016

• Spearheaded team-wide O365 Security and Compliance training by collaborating with Microsoft FTE Senior Technical Advisors led to an increased awareness of potential Social Engineer and phishing attacks throughout the engagement, eliminating risk to the client and vendor, and reducing associated incidents to <1 per month. 

• Exceeded metric goals by partnering with Senior Leadership and Microsoft Escalations teams to help the team improve their cross-team communication channel utilization. This competitive edge helped close 215 out of a goal of 160 tickets closed per month per CRM and led to an increase in team-wide national satisfaction scores by 3%. 

• Enhanced productivity as a Subject Matter Expert by documenting and distributing weekly Microsoft VKB notes. 

• Routinely earned top-box NSAT scores (average 95% over 200+ surveys) and shared this expertise by leading morning scrum huddles.

Created and managed a SharePoint site storing over 500 documents, collections and lists to for  policies, notes, performance reviews and training documentation.

• Specialized in world-class email, phone, & chat technical and administrative support for C-level Business & Enterprise users.


AT&T, Bothell, Washington

Advanced Technical Support Specialists (Tier III)

June 2014 -January 2016

• Assisted 60 team members with performance improvement plans by scheduling and directing 23 monthly meetings to collaboratively grow their knowledge of current processes, policies, and content updates, increasing average survey scores by 10% per agent.

• Consistently exceeded expectations by solving Tier I, II, III requests for consumer products/accounts & networks and closed over 12,000 requests over the course of 1.5 years, representing the top 10% of specialists in time-to-resolve and satisfaction.

Identified and updated 53 critical support articles, helping support a successful iPhone 6 and iOS 8 AT&T launch. 

• Managed Network Operations center (NOC) requests for customer information using basic networking tools in CMD – ping, tracert, ipconfig. Supplemented CMD with outside tools: Wireshark, Paessler PRTG, etc.


Best Buy, Bellevue, Washington

Geek Squad Agent – Deskside Customer/Technical Support

May 2011 - June 2014

 • Researched and identified over 1,500 critical errors on consumer electronics and submitted appropriate tools and procedures requests to solve the issues identified, effectively preventing reoccurrences on affected devices. 

Led team-wide effort to ensure proper soft-skills training was completed before working with on-premise customers, directly correlating to a 200% revenue increase, compared to an average revenue increase of 25% in 1,779 stores.

• Championed the customer's exit experience by purchasing, expensing and using a "Geek Squad Stamp" which was unique to the Bellevue Store. This stamp had our address, phone number, the Geek Squad motto and the link to our survey. We used it on every exit interaction and our survey responses increased by 15% moth over month.

• Provided a 1&1 consultative customer-service experience and end-user technical support.

• Learned about Networking, Servers, active and proactive monitoring, virus removal and pevention, OS breakfixing, patching, technical troubleshooting, finding information, and technical documentation.

• Configured and managed networking, A/V, corporate SaaS apps and systems troubleshooting applications in a variety of environments.

• Completed over 500 "E-Learnings" for both inside and outside of job scope through Best Buy's e-learning program.

• Sold consumer products in both Best Buy Mobile, and PCs. Geek Squad Agents can be moved around the store to support and fill positions as needed, including A/V, Cameras, and Apple products.

Other Education and Relevant Qualifications


• Graduated from Redmond High School

• Completed A+ Certification coursework at Bellevue College:

TECH 215 PC Analysis & Configuration -> Grade=B

TECH 217 PC Analysis & Configuration II -> Grade=B

• Completed relevant coursework at Lake Washington Institute of Technology:

CSNT 124 Open Source Operating Systems -> Grade B

Additional Skills and Experience

Hands-On Experience



-Office 365:


Native English, intermediate Spanish.

10+ years of experience in Customer Service and team oriented work environments.

Working Experience - Domain and DNS Management, Azure Active Directory, PowerShell, Exchange Online, TFS, Dynamics CRM, Greenhouse, ADP.

Communication Platforms: Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Email, Social Media.

Expert level knowledge of Office 365 Admin Center.

• Beginner-intermediate knowledge of Data Analytics systems (MS Power BI, Tableau, Salesforce)

Extensive Mobile and OS Experience: Android OS, Windows XP, Windows Vista/7, Windows 8/8.1/10, Mac OS, iPhone troubleshooting experience.


Basic program and project management skills; 5000-level knowledge in Six Sigma (GB), Agile and DMAIC project methodologies.


• Outgoing

• Friendly

• Clean

• Sarcastic

• Thoughtful

• Empathetic

• Geeky

• Inquisitive

The "Others"


Jobs before my IT Career started

Front Desk Night Supervisor 

Gold's Gym - Redmond, WA 98052

August 2008 - December 2008

Duties Summary:

Provide excellent customer service; present the Gold's Gym brand in a professional & respectful manner; know & follow Gold's Gym policies & regulations. Night Supervisor duty includes security, safety, membership verification, gym maintenance & selling products.

Retail Associate 

Macy's - Redmond, WA 98052

June 2008 - September 2008

Duties Summary:

Exceed customer expectations based on Macy's Star employee priorities: Assortments, price simplification, improving the shopping experience, & marketing. Stay informed on fashion trends; be friendly, clean, crisp, & clear; act fair & have fun. Selling is THE priority.

Package Handler

United Parcel Service - Redmond, WA 98052

May 2008 - August 2008

Duties Summary:

Load & unload packages quickly & accurately to/from trucks; make sure every package is delivered on time, to the right place, as fast & efficiently as possible; follow all safety guidelines: "Know your place, watch your step, & stay alert." Trained to advance to sorter. 

Team Member

Target - Redmond, WA 98052

August 2007 - October 2007

Duties Summary:

Provide "Fast, Fun & Friendly" professional, responsive retail customer service; perform point-of-sale cashiering; electronics specialist; organize electronics department to showcase merchandise. Move back room stock to sales floor.

Sales Associate

Mervyns - Redmond, WA 98052

March 2006 - September 2007

Duties Summary:

Provide professional, responsive retail customer service; assist customers through merchandise location, price verification & suggestive selling; perform point-of-sale cashiering; stock & organize assigned sales floor space.   

Tennis Instructor

Tennis Outreach Programs – T2 Teenie Tennis - Redmond, WA 98073

June 2005 - August 2006

Duties Summary:

Teach tennis basics to children & juniors aged 7-14 enrolled in tennis classes through Tennis Outreach & Redmond Parks & Recreation. Lead instructor 2006.

Snowboard Instructor (apprentice)

Lake Washington Snowsports Council - Redmond, WA 98052

December 2004 - April 2005

Duties Summary:

Assist lead instructor in teaching duties.

Assistant Coach

Evergreen Junior High, Girl's Tennis

Spring 2004