Cover Letter, Resume, and Supporting Documents

Dear Microsoft Recruiting, 

I am very interested in the Technical Account Manager role at Microsoft. After reading through the job responsibilities, I am confident my experience positions me as a perfect candidate for this role. Being a tech savvy professional who has excellent interpersonal skills, I am certain I would make a valuable addition to your organization. 

With more than seven years experience operating, selling, and supporting Microsoft products and services, I am adept in customer-relationship management, identifying value-added services, establishing win-win agreements, and aligning products to business needs. With this background, I am well-experienced in engaging new clients, negotiating services, and giving presentations to prospective customers. Moreover, while my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including organizational and team leadership abilities, I excel at: 

• Coordinating creative development with customers and partners. 

• Supporting clients 24/7 to ensure all needs are met. 

• Overseeing simultaneous projects and responding to changing requirements. 

• Communicating with individuals and groups. 

As a previous Support Engineer for Microsoft through the IT consulting vendor Blueprint Technologies, I have experience working with multiple customers and projects at once. It was my job to make sure I developed a strong relationship with my customers and coworkers, ensuring I understood their needs and was able to offer solutions to their problems by proposing unique and innovative solutions. 

In addition to my experience and personal qualities, I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for project management. I am extremely enthusiastic about Microsoft’s focus on “Cloud-First” and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to your profitability, delivery, and support of Microsoft Enterprise Services.  

Please review the below resume and supporting documents for additional details. I have a full portfolio which I'd be happy to bring on-site regarding my expertise and future Microsoft and industry certification courses scheduled to prepare and better execute the responsibilities of a Technical Account Manager. 

To prepare for any Sales Engineer/TAM role as a professional student, the following certification classes and exams are scheduled and will be complete within the next 90 days: 

• Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) 

• ITIL® Foundation Certification 

• CompTIA Project+ 

• Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning with Relationship Selling 

*Willingness to Learn*

Complete within 90 days of hire:  

Prosci© - Change Management Certification Program

­Prosci© - Integrating Agile & Change Management Workshop 

Complete within 100-180 Days of hire:

Harvard Business School Online:  Negotiation Mastery - Unlocking Value in the Real World

To better execute the Microsoft Technical Account Manager position, the following certification courses and knowledge verification exams will be complete within 90 days of hire if accepted: 

• Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

• Exam MB 210: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

• Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

• Software Asset Management (SAM) - Core

Thank you for your time. I look forward to discussing this further at an interview. 

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Geoffrey Owen_RESUME_Aspiring Technical Account Manager_07.13.2019 (docx)


Geoffrey Owen_RESUME_Aspiring Technical Account Manager_07.13.2019 (pdf)


Geoffrey Owen Cover Lettter - MS TAM_Job 624851 (pdf)


Geoffrey Owen References MS TAM_Job 624851 (pdf)


Geoffrey Owen Writing Sample 1 - MS TAM_Job 624851 (pdf)


Geoffrey Owen Writing Sample 2 - MS TAM_Job 624851 (pdf)


Geoffrey Owen Writing Sample 3 - MS TAM_Job 624851 (pdf)


Geoffrey Owen Writing Sample 4 - MS TAM_Job 624851 (pdf)


Geoffrey Owen_Five Forces Analysis MS TAM_Job 624581 (pdf)


CompTIA A+ ce certificate (pdf)


WGU Excellence Award_Ethical Situations in Business (pdf)


Resume Portfolio

Releasing the following documents between July 13 - July 28

TAM Development:

  30-60-90 Plan  

  100-180 Extended Plan  


Personal Learning and Development Plan  

Continuous Improvement Plan  

TAM Service Delivery:

  TAM Service Delivery Goals  

  TAM Service Delivery Outline  

  TAM Account Management Best Practices

  TAM  Customer Relationship and Account Management Engagement Schedule    

During an interview, we'll review my All-in-One TAM Resume Portfolio & Playbook + SDLC docs.

During an interview, we'll review my All-in-One TAM Resume Portfolio & Playbook + SDLC docs.

TAM Review

 A prospective TAM should have a good understanding of the company and position. I've researched the TAM role fully and I am prepared to accept an offer.

 This list includes: Basic reviews of the position, company, and an overview of the Premier Support deck.

Post On LinkedIn

Service Delivery Management - Account Managers do what exactly?

Microsoft TAM: Responsibilities


Microsoft  Enterprise Services help customers realize their full potential through  accelerated adoption and productive use of Microsoft technologies and  solutions to meet their individual and unique business needs. We are a  team of exceptional people who deliver world class services with  partners, earning customer confidence, trust, and loyalty by Improving  the overall Customer and Partner Experience, serving as the customer  advocates within Microsoft and driving customer-centric product improvement


The  Premier Technical Account Manager (TAM) acts as a trusted business  advisor to Microsoft’s Premier Support customers, providing Premier  Support Services aligned to the customer’s priorities in order to  maximize the business value of their Microsoft investment. The TAM is  the only front-line customer facing support role within the Services  organization. The TAM is responsible for the overall growth, quality and satisfaction of the customer’s support services relationship. A successful TAM consistently exhibits the following attributes:  

CUSTOMER – Creates a trusted advisor relationship  with key stakeholders within the customer organization, including the  IT Directors, CTO, CIO and LOB leaders as well as technology  professionals
The  TAM demonstrates a deep understanding of the market forces affecting  our customers and offers insight into new ways Microsoft can provide  greater value. The TAM must be a change agent by articulating the case  for change and helping the customer realize the improved business impact of appropriate use of Microsoft Support services.  

BUSINESS  –The TAM is responsible for sustainable growth through routinely  partnering with Services Sales and other Services personnel to  strategize on ways to create new opportunities within the accounts they  service. The TAM is responsible for the profitability of our services  through portfolio management including contract consumption, contribution margin, operational expense management, and revenue growth, all in a manner consistent with Microsoft’s legal, fiscal and personnel policies.  

DELIVERY  – The TAM must be proficient in understanding the entire support  services portfolio and can articulate the value of these services to our  customers. The TAM will partner with our customers to ascertain their  IT priorities in order to set a long-term strategy for service delivery  that aligns to their business objectives. The TAM must be literate and  conversant on the Microsoft technology, method and procedures for its  application. The TAM is responsible for excellent delivery of services  across entire support lifecycle, including Service Delivery Planning, Service Delivery Management, Incident Management / Escalations and Proactive Remediation Services.  

LEADERSHIP  – This role requires strong communications skills and imaginative, bold  thinking in all situations. The TAM must be able to lead teams  comprised of Microsoft, Partner and customer resources engaged in the  delivery of complex solutions that result in a One Microsoft approach. The TAM must display Executive presence and confidence to manage executive relationships internally and with the customer to create business transformation.

It all starts with knowing your product, then understanding how your solutions can be "embedded."

It all starts with knowing your product, then understanding how your solutions can be "embedded."

TAMLife V.1.2 (More coming July-Sept 2019)

Understanding the TAM


Link to repository of public-facing documents about the TAM's SDLC and my vision of success.

From Microsoft:

We've noticed that successful candidates don't stop at understanding the position they're interviewing for. They  gain a thorough, high-level understanding of Microsoft as a business  and learn how their desired position contributes to working as one to  empower billions. 

Career Path


In connection to my PDP, this will link to a long-term career path, laying out how I plan to use my education to empower others to change the world. 

 From Microsoft: 

The  most valuable candidate will think outside the box and have a vision  beyond the role they’re applying for. This vision extends to where they  want to grow within Microsoft. Read about different career paths by  visiting Microsoft Life.

Testimonials and References


This will link to a collection of references, recommendation letters (see image above!) and LinkedIn referrals.

 From Microsoft: 

 Be prepared to answer questions related to professional relationships you maintained with former supervisors and colleagues. 

Creating Desire


This will link to a doc explaining where my internal motivation comes from and how my growth mindset helps others increase their potential by working through or with me.

  From Microsoft: 

We  look for a strong desire to learn, intelligence, a passion for  technology, a willingness to work hard, rock-solid skills, an  entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to be the best. 

My Solutions


This will link to a page on best practices - part of the document created above named "Account Management Best Practices"

 From Microsoft:  

 Be  prepared to speak about how you solved a job-specific issue, design  question, or problem-solving puzzle. We're interested in how your mind  works, how you find solutions, and how you articulate your thought  process. 

The Industry Today


This will link to Microsoft pages on where they are in the industry for reference and review purposes. (see industry research)

 From Microsoft:  

 Great  candidates have an idea of what's happening in the tech industry. It's  good to know what Microsoft is doing well, and how we can make ourselves stand out from the competition. 

TAM Research Docs

An Aspiring TAM must demonstrate deep understanding of market forces affecting customers and be able to offer insight into new ways Microsoft can provide greater value. The below list represents a snapshot of the resources I am analyzing to prepare for this role.

Analysis (More coming July - Sept '19)

Books: Reading for Life


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.